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Do not forget to also add wildflower-type perennial bulbs (Scilla, Allium, Erythronium, Camas, Crocus, etc..) for instant gratification next spring and for naturalizing to provide color for years to come.

Truckee Garden Flowers

Pure Flower Seed Mix

3-4 oz. / 1000 sq ft

A Truckee “Cottage Garden” mix of hardy old fashioned favorites, many annuals that re-seed as well as a few hardy perennials to return year after year for a riot of color through the season. These are varieties we’ve found naturalizing in many old Truckee homestead gardens.  We do not add clover, grass or other inexpensive fillers but we have crimson clover and others that you can add.


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Villager Seed Packet Planting Instructions:

Prepare the soil for best results. At least, rake in some Gromulch or Topper. Prior to broadcasting, mix your seed with Topper and a little G&B or Biosol fertilizer for more even distribution, better soil contact and vigorous root growth. Mulch with a very light layer of pine needle straw to shade the seed, slow drying winds and break-up rain drops. Softball-sized rocks placed randomly over the mulch will concentrate and hold moisture and heat and will speed growth. Supplement natural rain & snow with irrigation as frequently as possible. Don’t let the seeds dry out.

Seed Mix Contents:

Common Name/Latin Name

Hollyhock/Alcea rosea

Cilantro/Coriandrum sativum

Blue Bachelor’s Buttons/Centaurea cyanus ‘Blue’

Wallflower/Cheiranthus allioni

Farwell-to Spring/Clarkia amoena

Plains Coreopsis/Coreopsis tinctoria

Cosmos/Cosmos bipinatus

Larkspur/Consolida ajacis

Sweet William/Dianthus barbatus

Foxglove/Digitalis purpurea

California/Poppy Eschscholzia californica

Wild Mt. Sunflower/Helianthus annus

Dame’s Rocket/Hesperis matronalis

Candytuft/Iberis umbellatum

Baby Snapdragon/Linaria maroccana

Russell Lupine/Lupinus perennis

Five-spot/Nemophila maculata

Red Flander’s Poppy/Papaver rhoeas ‘Red’

Black-eyed Susan/Rudbeckia hirta

Catchfly/Silene armeria

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