Conifers of California


Paperback – May 1, 1999

by Ronald M. Lanner

“Conifers of California” is the first book entirely devoted to the state’s native cone-bearing trees and shrubs. Richly illustrated, it serves as both a natural history and field guide. Each species’ narrative is accompanied by a full-page color botanical illustration, photographs from the wild, detailed indentification information, and a range map.

California is home to more than 50 native species of pines, first, spruces, junipers hemlocks, and other conifers. “Conifers of California” covers the state’s world-renowned cone-bearers, such as coast redwood, giant sequoia, and bristlecone pines, and also features its many other rare and unusual conifers, such as Torrey pine, Santa Lucia fir, and Brewer spruce.


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