After our years of experience, these are the fertilizers, soils and tools we use personally and keep in the shop in order to maintain our success in gardening this climate.

Happy Gardeners

Our staff are all avid and passionate mt. gardeners who want nothing more than to see every client succeed on her first try. Nothing gives us greater pleasure than happy returning customers who have tasted gardening triumphs. Come by and enjoy the local expertise.
This nursery sells many various native plants in the Truckee area. The staff are so knowledgeable and willing to assist you. Love to go here to purchase my landscaping plant needs.
Lauren B.

February 2016, Yellow Pages

The widest selection of hardy and native plants for the High Sierra, by far. Owners are botanists and plant lovers and everyone at Villager is passionate about helping customers find the right plants for their gardens. They’ve been at it since the ’70’s and have a LOT of practical experience atop their educations. “We’ve killed thousands of plants in our own gardens so our clients won’t have to” is something we heard them say. The demonstration gardens are amazing as well.
Lance L.

October 2017, Yellow Pages

This nursery sells many various native plants in the Truckee area. The staff are so knowledgeable and willing to assist you. Love to go here to purchase my landscaping plant needs.
Paula C.

May 2008, Insider Pages

I stopped here for the first time (and then repeated visits) this summer for flowers, dirt, etc. Every time I went and had questions about flowers, soil, sun exposure, etc they were very helpful. Then I just went back and they had a great selection of fresh wreaths and Christmas trees in various sizes. The place smelled great! Found the big wreath I need for over my garage and another for my front door. They even said if I wanted a bigger one, thy would order 1 for me. But the one they had was perfect ūüôā I will continue to use them for ALL of my flower/garden AND Christmas flora needs ūüôā
Celeste S.

December 2014, Yelp

This has been the nursery I have visited and depended upon through my 30 years living in Truckee. It doesn’t get any better than that. If you need to know anything about planting hardy plants in Truckee – this is the place to go…
Jackie W.

July 2009, Google+

Awesome nursery. Lots of locally grown plants, shrubs and trees from locally sourced seeds and cuttings. The whole staff is great, especially Eric. He knows so much and is constantly learning more. Prices are a little higher then big box stores, but definitely not overpriced. Plants are already acclimated to our area, unlike Reno nurseries. Local knowledge of the area and plant life is paramount to none. These guys really know their stuff! Cons: if your allergic to cats, they have to cats. Pros: they have two awesome shop cats, Hops and Barley. Plus every other aspect of their store is amazing. Pro tip: use Biosol three times a year and nothing else. The results are worth every cent.
Casey J.

March 2017, Yelp

Amazing selection of Canadian Choke cherry trees that were moderately priced. Excellent knowledge of the plants, our growing zone and willingness to load and wrap the trees in our truck for safe travel. Happy Birthday.
Angela H.

July 12 2016, Yelp

This is one of my favorite places in summer time! They have a HUGE variety of plants and for a good price. The staff knows their stuff and is more then willing to help you out. Bonus: The cats there are the cutest things! My boyfriend played with them the whole time we were there!
Lauren M.

April 2014, Yelp

On the recommendation of friends, I started going to The Villager Nursery several years ago, and they’ve never give me a reason to look elsewhere for advice, seeds, and plants. Eric, especially, has consistently given me great advice. He helped me turn my yard from a brown dirt patch into one full of native grass, Sierra wildflowers, and cool bushes/trees. I also appreciate that they always talk my language because I am a total novice. Despite my inexperience, they’ve made me feel like a green thumb by helping me get the results I want with minimal investment. Thanks guys!
Aaron G.

August 2011, Yelp

These guys are overly helpful and nice. Excellent service on the phone and they know what they are doing.
Gail C.

June 2013, Yelp

The most knowledgeable staff I have ever encountered in a nursery. They know their stuff…and that is important when trying to garden in a mountain environment. They can tell you which plants are best in which environments around your house, and won’t steer you wrong. I had wanted to plant a few things and was actually told they wouldn’t work very well at my house. Very helpful with loading items, and directing me to where I could find things. Go here if you are landscaping and need good, healthy plants. I think only one plant I bought isn’t working where I planted it…but that could be because of inconsistent watering, and a really hot spell after I planted it.
Heidi B.

August 2007, Yelp

This is a great place to shop for flowers and trees! The staff our knowledgeable and a big help since the area is so diverse when it comes to zones and what will or will not survive in the mountains. Glad to have you in our neighborhood.
Tamara H.

November 2015, Facebook

This is by far my favorite nursery! They are my go-to place for sierra natives – knowledgeable, friendly and are eager to share their ideas and expertise! Oh, and their two cats are awesome, too!
Courtney T.

February 2018, Facebook

Well this place is absolutely wonderful!! At this Nursery you’ll get get personal service (love) with the kindest, and most knowledgeable employees…… the Villager Nursery has staying power, it’s been here, for many a year, one of the longest standing businesses in Truckee!!!… thank you for bringing us so many beautiful flowers, trees, and helpful information to help us keep our Gardens happy!!!!!
Viviane S.

August 2016, Facebook

I truly love Villager Nursery! They have an incredibly helpful and kind staff paired with hardy, yet beautiful plants, that do so well in the Sierras! I love to wander through the nursery and appreciate so much how knowledgeable and patient everyone is. I highly recommend you visiting!
Jannell B.

March 2018, Facebook

Always super helpful and know their stuff.
Andrew O.

August 2016, Google+

I just wanted to say thank you again for your thorough and informative advice via email and in person when I stopped by the nursery last week to learn more about pruning birch. I got such an education and so appreciated your willingness to dedicate so much time and energy to teaching me about my one little birch tree and how to keep it happy. It is inspiring to know that we have such an incredible resource in our local nursery here and I look forward to continuing to learn and grow new plants in our yard with your expert guidance. Thank you for being such an incredible, patient, kind and supportive resource for new Truckee gardeners like me. Smiles, –¬†Jen R.
Jen R.

September 2021, Google+

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