Holiday Hours:
Sun-Fri 10:00-4:00
Hours are variable near Christmas and we will be closed for mid-winter starting at 3:00 on 12/23.

All Truckee Christmas tree lots and box-stores sold out of Christmas trees this season by 12/18. Truckee USUALLY sells out of trees before Christmas but this year's early snows and cold temperatures shut-out much of the high elevation silvertip harvesting. On top of that, many locals with USFS permits decided to skip the challenging harvesting this year and purchase trees locally. Beyond plantation cultured the noble and nordmann fir we always carry, we usually cut 100-150 silvertip and bring-in another 300 from a local timber manager... this year we cut 18 and were able to bring-in 141 more. Next year!

Our hours change with the climatic seasons  - always weather permitting. (Call ahead if it is dumping snow, if  the exodus traffic is heinous, or if we've got pea-soup smoke,  just-in-case we've gone home.) We change the hours here and on Google, Yelp, Bing and Facebook (but Apple gets its info "elsewhere",  even apple is unsure where, so Siri is usually wrong).

We maintain a healthy supply of tropical and indoor appropriate houseplants and bulbs, indoor gardening gear, pottery, potting soils, organic fertilizers and nutrients, as well as seeds and seed-starting supplies. We also have every plant lover's favorite present: gift certificates from your local garden center.

Villager Nursery outdoor areas are open late-winter (Mar-April) through late December depending on snow persistence. Through mid-winter, someone is usually here, IN the shop, most days (paperwork, plants, and shop-cat needs love). We don't want to let anyone down, so if you need something (plant, product, plans, bids, or consulting) or have questions, PLEASE send-us an e-mail as we check them almost every evening - (PLEASE DO NOT USE Facebook messenger. It is unmonitored).  We'll usually get back to you in a day or two or as soon as we possibly can. You can also call and leave a voice message at 530-587-0771. We tend to be rather busy in our compressed spring (May-June) season and replies may take a bit longer.  contact us 

Check our Facebook Page, Instagram or the references page on this website for updates, informational sheets, class hand-outs and calendar updates. 

The best time to plant is today When a plant is placed in the ground properly (see Planting Instructions) the tissues begin adapting to the new location's light and humidity and wind  and temperatures. Roots make intimate associations with beneficial microorganisms who begin to colonize the root system to the benefit of the plant.  Deciduous trees and shrubs put-on almost all of their root system expansion while their tops are dormant. They grow roughly 80% of their new roots in the warmest soil and cool weather of fall and the other 20% throughout the winter, under snow.  It can be inconvenient to plant in the middle of winter, through snow or frozen soil, but the plants are almost always happier in the ground than they are in a pot.  

For 47 years, Villager Nursery Garden Center has been serving Truckee, Tahoe and regional high Sierra mountain plant lovers, landscapers and gardeners. Villager Florist started in the original Gateway Center (next to the Gateway Motel) in 1949 (73 yrs), added outdoor plants to the mix (becoming a nursery) in 1975, and relinquished the florist in 1996 to focus exclusively on the nursery.


Nursery Address

Villager Nursery, Inc
Varney / McIver Dairy House
10678 Donner Pass Rd. Truckee, CA
Exit 186 of I-80 (Central Truckee)
far-east Gateway / far-west Brickletown


Villager Hours

Holiday Hours

OPEN Sun-Thurs 10:00am-4:00pm
and Fri-Sat 10:00am-5:00pm

Hours are always weather permitting and extended closer to Christmas
If you need something, please call or e-mail and leave us a message.


Our Native Plants

The following is an occasionally updated list of native plants Villager Nursery frequently offers and common sizes. Slow-growing and highly temperamental species are priced accordingly higher. Availability varies with seed collecting, timing, and weather.

We are a small retail nursery in the high Sierra at the western “shore” of the Great Basin along the Truckee River flowing from Lake Tahoe 10 miles up stream. We no longer grow the plants on site, finding it much more efficient to collect seed (and rarely cuttings) and have them propagated and contact-grown in Oregon and elsewhere. We bring down trucks from various growing grounds at infrequent intervals during the nursery season (May-October).
Villager Nursery Native Plants Frequently Available

Common NameNameSize
white firAbies concolor#1
white firAbies concolor#2
mountain mapleAcer glabrum#1
mountain mapleAcer glabrum#2
mountain mapleAcer glabrum#3
mountain alderAlnus incana ssp. tenuifolia#1
mountain alderAlnus incana ssp. tenuifolia#2
Saskatoon serviceberryAmelanchier alnifolia#1
Saskatoon serviceberryAmelanchier alnifolia#2
Saskatoon serviceberryAmelanchier alnifolia#5
Utah serviceberryAmelanchier utahensis#1
mock-bearberryArctostaphylos nevadense x A. uva-ursi#1
greenleaf manzanitaArctostaphylos patula6" sq. band
kinnikinnickArctostaphylos uva ursi4"
kinnikinnickArctostaphylos uva ursi#1
little sagebrushArtemisia arbuscula#1
big sagebrushArtemisia tridentata#1
big sagebrushArtemisia tridentata#5
water birch (El Dorado, Co.)Betula occidentalis#1
water birch (El Dorado, Co.)Betula occidentalis#2
water birch (El Dorado, Co.)Betula occidentalis#5
water birch (El Dorado, Co.)Betula occidentalis#15
incense cedarCalocedrus decurrens#1
incense cedarCalocedrus decurrens#5
incense cedarCalocedrus decurrens#15
mountain whitethorn ceanothusCeanothus cordulatus#1
prostrate ceanothusCeanothus prostratus4" band
snowbrush ceanothusCeanothus velutinus#1
curl-leaf mountain mahoganyCercocarpus ledifolius#1
curl-leaf mountain mahoganyCercocarpus ledifolius#5
alderleaf mountain mahoganyCercocarpus montanus#1
alderleaf mountain mahoganyCercocarpus montanus#5
redosier dogwoodCornus sericea#1
redosier dogwoodCornus sericea#2
redosier dogwoodCornus sericea#5
redosier dogwoodCornus sericea#7
shrubby cinquefoilDasiphora fruticosa ssp. Floribunda (Potentilla fruticosa)#1
shrubby cinquefoilDasiphora fruticosa ssp. Floribunda (Potentilla fruticosa)#2
shrubby cinquefoilDasiphora fruticosa ssp. Floribunda (Potentilla fruticosa)#5
rubber rabbitbrushEricameria nauseosa#1
sulphur-flower buckwheatEriogonum umbellatum4" band
sulphur-flower buckwheatEriogonum umbellatum#1
creeping sulphur-flower buckwheatEriogonum umbellatum var. subalpinum#1
Modoc cypress (Plumas, Co.)Hesperocyparis bakeri (Cupressus bakeri)#1
Modoc cypress (Plumas, Co.)Hesperocyparis bakeri (Cupressus bakeri)#1
oceansprayHolodiscus discolor#1
rockspiraeaHolodiscus dumosus#1
purpleflower honeysuckleLonicera conjugialis#1
Mountain TwinberryLonicera conjugialis#2
Mountain TwinberryLonicera conjugialis#2
twinberry honeysuckleLonicera involucrata#1
twinberry honeysuckleLonicera involucrata#5
creeping Oregon grapeMahonia repens4" band
creeping Oregon grapeMahonia repens#1
Pacific ninebarkPhysocarpus capitatus#1
Sierra lodgepole pinePinus contorta ssp. murrayana#1
Sierra lodgepole pinePinus contorta ssp. murrayana#2
Sierra lodgepole pinePinus contorta ssp. murrayana#5
Sierra lodgepole pinePinus contorta ssp. murrayana#15
Jeffrey pinePinus jeffreyi#1
Jeffrey pinePinus jeffreyi#2
Jeffrey pinePinus jeffreyi#5
Jeffrey pinePinus jeffreyi#10
sugar pinePinus lambertiana#1
western white pinePinus monticola#1
western white pinePinus monticola#2
western white pinePinus monticola#15
ponderosa pine (Rky.Mt. Seed Source)Pinus ponderosa#1
ponderosa pine (Rky.Mt. Seed Source)Pinus ponderosa#2
ponderosa pine (Rky.Mt. Seed Source)Pinus ponderosa#5
ponderosa pine (Rky.Mt. Seed Source)Pinus ponderosa#7
quaking aspenPopulus tremuloides#1
quaking aspenPopulus tremuloides#2
quaking aspenPopulus tremuloides#5
quaking aspenPopulus tremuloides#7
quaking aspenPopulus tremuloides#10
quaking aspenPopulus tremuloides#15
quaking aspenPopulus tremuloides#20
quaking aspenPopulus tremuloides#25
desert peachPrunus andersonii#1
bitter cherryPrunus emarginata#1
bitter cherryPrunus emarginata#3
Klamath Plum / Modoc PlumPrunus subcordata#1
Klamath Plum / Modoc PlumPrunus subcordata#3
Klamath Plum / Modoc PlumPrunus subcordata#5
western chokecherryPrunus virginiana var. demissa#1
western chokecherryPrunus virginiana var. demissa#5
western chokecherryPrunus virginiana var. demissa#7
western chokecherryPrunus virginiana var. demissa#15
Rocky Mt. Douglas-firPseudotsuga menziesii var. glauca#1
Rocky Mt. Douglas-firPseudotsuga menziesii var. glauca#5
Rocky Mt. Douglas-firPseudotsuga menziesii var. glauca#15
canyon live oakQuercus chrysolepis#1 band
Oregon white oakQuercus garryana#1
California black oakQuercus kelloggii#1
huckleberry oakQuercus vacciniifolia#1 band
alderleaf buckthornRhamnus alnifolia#1
alderleaf buckthornRhamnus alnifolia#2
skunkbush sumac (Placer, Co.)Rhus trilobata#1
skunkbush sumac (Placer, Co.)Rhus trilobata#2
golden currant (Plumas, Co.)Ribes aureum#1
golden currant (Plumas, Co.)Ribes aureum#2
wax currantRibes cereum#1
whitestem gooseberryRibes inerme#1
Sierra currantRibes nevadense#1
Sierra currantRibes nevadense#2
Sierra currantRibes nevadense#5
Sierra currantRibes nevadense#7
Sierra gooseberryRibes roezlii#1
Sierra gooseberryRibes roezlii#2
Woods' roseRosa woodsii#1
Woods' roseRosa woodsii#2
thimbleberryRubus parviflorus#1
thimbleberryRubus parviflorus#2
thimbleberryRubus parviflorus#3
Sierra mountain willowSalix eastwoodiae#1
Lemmon's willowSalix lemmonii#1
Lemmon's willowSalix lemmonii#5
Pacific willowSalix lucida ssp. lasiandra#1
Pacific willowSalix lucida ssp. lasiandra#5
Scouler's willowSalix scouleriana#1
Scouler's willowSalix scouleriana#5
Scouler's willowSalix scouleriana#15
blue elderberrySambucus nigra ssp. cerulea#1
blue elderberrySambucus nigra ssp. cerulea#2
blue elderberrySambucus nigra ssp. cerulea#5
red elderberrySambucus racemosa var. racemosa#1
birchleaf spiraeaSpiraea betulifolia#1
Douglas' spiraea / rose spiraeaSpiraea douglasii#1
Douglas' spiraea / rose spiraeaSpiraea douglasii#2
Douglas' spiraea / rose spiraeaSpiraea douglasii#5
subalpine spiraea / rose meadowsweetSpiraea splendens var. splendens (Spiraea densiflora)#1
subalpine spiraea / rose meadowsweetSpiraea splendens var. splendens (Spiraea densiflora)#2
subalpine spiraea / rose meadowsweetSpiraea splendens var. splendens (Spiraea densiflora)#5
common snowberrySymphoricarpos albus#2
common snowberrySymphoricarpos albus#5
creeping snowberrySymphoricarpos mollis4" band
roundleaf snowberrySymphoricarpos rotundifolius#2
mountain hemlockTsuga mertensiana#2
mountain hemlockTsuga mertensiana#3
Common NameNameSize
baneberry (red) / chinaberry (white)Actaea rubra#1
western snakerootAgeratina occidentalis4" band
swamp onionAllium validum4" band
swamp onionAllium validum#1
pearly everlastingAnaphalis margaritacea#1
western pasque flowerAnemone occidentalis#1
little leaf pussytoesAntennaria microphylla4" band
western red columbineAquilegia formosa4" band
western red columbineAquilegia formosa#1
western red columbineAquilegia formosa#2
clasping arnicaArnica amplexicaulis#1
Chamisso arnicaArnica chamissonis  4"
white sagebrushArtemisia ludoviciana ssp. ludoviciana#1
arrowleaf balsamrootBalsamhoriza sagittata4" band
Pacific hound's tongueCynoglossum grande4" band
sacred thorn-appleDatura wrightii4"
Pacific bleeding heartDicentra formosa ssp. formosa4"
Pacific bleeding heartDicentra formosa ssp. formosa#1
hummingbird trumpetEpilobium canum4"
hummingbird trumpetEpilobium canum#1
subalpine daisyErigeron peregrinus4" band
common woolly sunflowerEriophyllum lanatum#1
Virginia strawberryFragaria virginiana3.5"
scarlet giliaIpomopsis aggregata4" band
Rocky Mountain irisIris missouriensis4"
celeryleaved licorice rootLigusticum apiifolium4" band
Leopard lilyLilium pardalinum#1
Sierra tiger lily / alpine lilyLilium parvum#1
blue flaxLinum lewisii4" band
blue flaxLinum lewisii#1
brewer's lupineLupinus breweri4" band
bigleaf lupineLupinus polyphyllus#1
feathery false lily of the valleyMaianthemum racemosum (Smilacina racemosa)4"
feathery false lily of the valleyMaianthemum racemosum (Smilacina racemosa)#1
scarlet monkeyflowerMimulus cardinalis4" band
scarlet monkeyflowerMimulus cardinalis#1
seep monkeyflowerMimulus guttatus4" band
seep monkeyflowerMimulus guttatus#1
purple monkeyflowerMimulus lewisii4" band
purple monkeyflowerMimulus lewisii#1
mountain pennyroyalMonardella odoratissima4" band
azure penstemonPenstemon azureus#1
Davidson's penstemonPenstemon davidsonii#1
hotrock penstemonPenstemon deustus#1
firecracker penstemon (Inyo, Co.)Penstemon eatonii#1
slender penstemonPenstemon gracilentus#1
mountain pridePenstemon newberryi#1
meadow penstemonPenstemon rydbergii#1
royal penstemonPenstemon speciosus#1
Rocky Mountain penstemon (Mono, Co.)Penstemon strictus4" band
Rocky Mountain penstemon (Mono, Co.)Penstemon strictus#1
Venus penstemonPenstemon venustus4" band
slender cinquefoilPotentilla gracilis#1
heal-allPrunella vulgaris4" band
Oregon stonecropSedum oreganum4"
Oregon stonecropSedum oreganum#1
broadleaf stonecropSedum spathulifolium#1
checkerbloomSidalcea oregana#1
golden blue-eyed grassSisyrinchium californicum4"
Idaho blue-eyed grassSisyrinchium idahoense4"
Canada goldenrodSolidago canadensis#1
Nevada goldenrodSolidago spectabilis#1
bigflower tellimaTellima grandiflora4"
slender goldenbannerThermopsis gracilis#1
canary violaViola praemorsa4" band
stream violaViola glabella4" band
Common NameNameSize
Sagebrush sedgeCarex filifolia#1
Nebraska sedgeCarex nebrascensisplug
slough sedgeCarex obnuptaplug
tufted hairgrassDeschampsia caespitosaplug
common spikerushEleocharis palustrisplug
giant wildryeElymus cinereusplug
blue wildryeElymus glaucusplug
scouringrush horsetailEquisetum hyemale#1
California fescueFestuca californicaplug
Idaho fescueFestuca idahoensis ssps.4"
Baltic rushJuncus balticusplug
common rushJuncus effusus#1
swordleaf rushJuncus ensifolius#1
panicled bulrushScirpus microcarpus#1
broadleaf cattailTypha latifolia#1

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Our brand new site is just being taken live. Some functionality is still being applied. Kellogg Planting Days are 10-2 May 31 and June 1 (max 3 pots <18". Edible / Veggie Gardening Class 10:30-12 Sunday, June 2. See the class schedule. If you have any questions, please call us at 530-587-0771, or email Thank you for Visiting!

Our brand new site is just being taken live. Some functionality is still being applied.

Kellogg Planting Days are 10-2 May 31 and June 1 (max 3 pots <18"). Edible / Veggie Gardening Class 10:30-12 Sunday, June 2. See the class schedule. If you have any questions, please call us at 530-587-0771, or email

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Sunday: 10:00-4:00

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