Summer Hours:
Open Mon-Sat 9:00-5:30 and Sunday 10-3.

Our hours change with the climatic seasons  - always weather permitting. (Call ahead if it is snowing, just-in-case we've gone home.) We change the hours here and on Google, Yelp, Bing and Facebook but Apple gets it's info elsewhere (even apple is unsure) so Siri is usually wrong.

We maintain a healthy supply of tropical and indoor appropriate houseplants and bulbs, indoor gardening gear, pottery, potting soils, organic fertilizers and nutrients, as well as seeds and seed-starting supplies. We also have every plant lover's favorite present: gift certificates from your local garden center.

Villager Nursery outdoor areas are open late-winter (Mar-April) through late December depending on snow persistence. Through mid-winter, someone is usually here, IN the shop, most days (paperwork, plants, and shop-cat needs love). We don't want to let anyone down, so if you need something (plant, product, plans, bids, or consulting) or have questions, PLEASE send-us an e-mail as we check them almost every evening - (PLEASE DO NOT USE Facebook messenger. It is unmonitored).  We'll usually get back to you in a day or two or as soon as we possibly can. You can also call and leave a voice message at 530-587-0771. We tend to be rather busy in our compressed spring (May-June) season and replies may take a bit longer.  contact us 

Check our Facebook Page, Instagram or the references page on this website for updates, informational sheets, class hand-outs and calendar updates. 

The best time to plant is today When a plant is placed in the ground properly (see Planting Instructions) the tissues begin adapting to the new location's light and humidity and wind  and temperatures. Roots make intimate associations with beneficial microorganisms who begin to colonize the root system to the benefit of the plant.  Deciduous trees and shrubs put-on almost all of their root system expansion while their tops are dormant. They grow roughly 80% of their new roots in the warmest soil and cool weather of fall and the other 20% throughout the winter, under snow.  It can be inconvenient to plant in the middle of winter, through snow or frozen soil, but the plants are almost always happier in the ground than they are in a pot.  

For 47 years, Villager Nursery Garden Center has been serving Truckee, Tahoe and regional high Sierra mountain plant lovers, landscapers and gardeners. Villager Florist started in the original Gateway Center (next to the Gateway Motel) in 1949 (73 yrs), added outdoor plants to the mix (becoming a nursery) in 1975, and relinquished the florist in 1996 to focus exclusively on the nursery.


Nursery Address

Villager Nursery, Inc
Varney / McIver Dairy House
10678 Donner Pass Rd. Truckee, CA
Exit 186 of I-80 (Central Truckee)
far-east Gateway / far-west Brickletown


Villager Hours

Closed all day.

Spring Hours

OPEN Mon-Sat 9:00am-5:30pm
Sunday 10-3
Hours are always weather permitting
We're here, open and bringing in truckloads of fresh houseplants, seeds, veggie and hardy color starts, plus tough-as-nails perennials for the 2022 season.
If you need something, please call or e-mail and leave us a message.


Holidays in the year of the COVID

This year we cut fewer trees and brought in a few less from local sources and Oregon farms and the trees are leaving faster than usual. For decades, we’d sell just 15-20% of our fresh-cut trees before Dec 18 (or so) and then when the second-home owners and visitors arrived, we’d quickly sell through the remaining trees. The demographics and movement patterns and rental markets and buying habits have shifted. We are adapting, trying to navigate providing necessary services in a safe environment. It is fascinating, frustrating, and satisfying all at once; like gardening.

We sold through our 80″ and 70″ wreathes early-on but we still have an ample supply of 60″ and 50″ sizes along with all the other smaller sizes. We prefer to bring in the giant wreaths when ordered by clients by late Oct. We have wreaths of manzanita and wreaths of juniper wreaths with sugarpine cones and wreaths without cones. There are swags and mixed or cedar garland by the roll or by the foot as well as various evergreen boughs by the bunch or by the pound.

Our Poinsettias were grown, one last time, by Eisley Nursery in Auburn. The 4 generation family business was recently (this fall) purchased my a large industry chain-store and Eisley’s 80+ years worth of growing structures are being torn down as I write this. Change is the only constant.

Locally harvested California red fir / Silvertip make up the bulk of our Christmas tree offerings from 3′-18′(we do cut or bring in larger trees but usually by special order only). The remainder of our trees are cultured Noble Fir (4′-9′) that are dense, fragrant, long-lasting and hold-up well in our freezer-like climate.

Our living Christmas trees include several species of the genus Picea, spruce: colorado blue, ‘Black Hills’ white, Norway and some variations of these in a wide variety of sizes. We recommend keeping your living tree outside and then bringing it in for no more than ten days. While the tree is inside, it thaws, out and begins to “think” that it might be spring, if it “decides” that it’s spring (longer than 10 days) it is very difficult / impossible to prepare the plant for the rest of winter outside, it’s metabolic machinery gets going. While inside, water daily with ice cubes or snow. Be sure to have a saucer beneath the tree. After the 10 days indoors, move the tree to a sheltered location with temperatures at or a little below freezing for a week; a garage is most common. This lets the tree know that winter is coming, again. Water the tree thoroughly while reacclimatizing it for the cold. At that point, put the tree outdoors, in the shade (we try to avoid letting sun hit and warm the roots), where it can get covered with snow. Cover the rootball with snow or dig it into the snow if possible. Plant the tree as soon as possible in late winter, when the soils are workable but not wet. Spruce expand their root systems in late winter so getting the tree into the ground early gives the tree a larger root system and a great advantage next summer. We always offer some deal with our potted living Christmas trees. This year, we offer one 2cf bag of EB Stone PayDirt compost and a 2lb bag of Biosol fertilizer for 9.99 with every tree purchase, so you’ll have everything you’ll need to plant the tree early.

More later.



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Our brand new site is just being taken live. Some functionality is still being applied. Kellogg Planting Days are 10-2 May 31 and June 1 (max 3 pots <18". Edible / Veggie Gardening Class 10:30-12 Sunday, June 2. See the class schedule. If you have any questions, please call us at 530-587-0771, or email Thank you for Visiting!

Our brand new site is just being taken live. Some functionality is still being applied.

Kellogg Planting Days are 10-2 May 31 and June 1 (max 3 pots <18"). Edible / Veggie Gardening Class 10:30-12 Sunday, June 2. See the class schedule. If you have any questions, please call us at 530-587-0771, or email

Thank you for Visiting!



Current Hours

Mon - Sat: 9:30-5:00
Sunday: 10:00-4:00

Our Location

10678 Donner Pass Rd.
Truckee, CA 96161

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