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If you are interested in working with us, please attach your current resume and/or a letter of interest detailing why you are a great fit for a position (your experiences with plants, people, gardens and nature). Below are topics that we feel apply to our Sierra Nevada retail nursery. Address any topics that resonate with you. Please include at least two references. Wages are commensurate with the experience, knowledge and skills.
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Botanical / Horticultural Education:
Education / classes applicable to retail nursery work.
Nursery Experience:
Previous greenhouse, nursery or landscape work experience…
Yard and Garden Experience:
Gardening or landscaping in your own yard, helping family or friends…
Sales / People Experience:
Previous sales, customer service, cashiering, teaching. languages beyond English?
Native / Backcountry Experience:
Wildflower, tree, shrub and/or wildlife identification…
Planning / Organizing Experience:
Event / party planning, meeting organization, seminar logistics, details…
Merchandising / Marketing / Advertising Experience:
Any work, professional or volunteer experience with creating beautiful sales environments…
Volunteer Experience:
Community service, programs or events you participate in…
Other Interests:
Passions, hobbies, music, sports, painting, fishing, etc… Computer applications you’ve mastered. PC / Mac?
What do you know about us and why do you think you’d like to work here?
Ability / Agility – Essential.
Are you physically able to lift and carry 50# trees & soils? Driving experience and record good?

Garden Resources

  • We have gathered many important pieces of information regarding planting in our area. Click the button below to view our Garden Resources and Villager Archives

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you deliver plants?

We will deliver plants to nearby locations through the week as availability accommodates. 2 days a week, depending on the time of year, we will deliver further into the Tahoe Basin.

Will you landscape?

We have been landscape contractors since 1977 with over 500 commercial, residential and government projects in our portfolio.

When is the best time to plant?

The best time to plant is 10 years ago.  The next best time is today.

The sooner you plant the sooner roots associations / rhizosphere root system expansion and nutrient-uptake begin to occur

“Put a two dollar tree in a ten dollar hole. Don’t put a ten dollar tree in a two dollar hole”

Can I order specific plants?

We do our best to accommodate special orders.  We have dozens of growers throughout the western US that we love and regularly work with. We do our best to have a tremendously wide variety of all the plants that thrive in this challenging climate but we are always interested in the experiences and experiments of others…  we all can learn.

Do you give classes?

We offer classes at the nursery in early spring and late summer on a wide variety of subjects. see list.  We also often speak at garden clubs, master gardener trainings and semi-annually we offer spring and fall Mountain Gardening classes at Sierra College.

Do you have Gift Cards?

We do. In the shop, for ANY value you choose. On-line for pre-selected values,

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