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  • The Holidays 2018

    Early December and it feels like Thanksgiving was a month ago. We were out on mountain ridges, cutting high elevation Silvertip Christmas trees the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and just before the first real snows of the season arrived Wednesday, Thursday & Friday. 

    We've had fresh-cut Christmas trees delivered from five growers and wreaths, garland and greens from three others. Fresh cut Christmas trees (See Christmas Tree Choices) are in short supply throughout the west and we are happy to get what we can.  So far everything has been fresh and lush and we are of-course keeping the trees frozen and shaded.  This year we have Noble for from Oregon and Washington, Fraser fir from B.C., Normann and Grand fir from Oregon, Red fir (Silvertip) from the high Sierra (two sources).

      Our sustainably harvested wild Silvertips are beautiful trees but only the second-best. Our commercial tree harvesting permits are all about the "leave trees".  We look for the healthiest, disease, parasite free, choice trees and then we thin the trees around them. This reduces competition for resources, eliminates fuels and leaves the forest healthier and safer than when we arrived. Our other Silvertip come from a forester on the ridges of the Sierra Valley who manages a couple of sections and allows the trees to "turnip" (a branch turns up) to form a new leader.  I LOVE helping folks with Christmas trees. We've cut back on our selection of 10-12' plantation trees because @ 300+ lbs, our aging bodies just can't take it. We do have Silvertips in every size up to 20'. 

  • Villager Nursery Christmas

    We frequently remind our clients and friends to give your gardens one last watering at Thanksgiving (if we have not had any substantial snow or rain), this was just such a year.  We watered the containers well this past weekend, twice because once we get temps in the single digits or below zero there is no point. We spread the last 8 bags of Biosol on our landscapes and sadly people were coming in asking for more (get a bag or two in September and have at the ready for when snow is imminent).  Once we finally tucked away all the hardy trees, shrubs and perennials into the shade where they'll hopefully rest frozen all winter under a blanket of snow, we think about December.  Christmastime is here. 

    We waited until we had numerous cold nights in the low teens before cutting fresh Silvertip christmas trees this year. We have Silvertip from 3' to over 20' and the tallest begin to go quickly after Thanksgiving ...so order one in October if you can. (If you wonder how we select and cut, see the previous post).  Our fresh cut full A-Grade and Classic (open-tiered) Grade Noble Fir arrived to our refrigerated climate last week (4-11').  Our grower cut a few Wild Noble Fir for us this year for an interesting change.  They have amazingly beautiful foliage but equally amazing wide internodes (the space between whorls of branches) - perfect trees for folks who use actual candles to light their trees (do NOT try this at home!).  We bring in a handful of 9-10' Douglas Fir that we keep hidden but that are available.

    The Villager Nursery has two new wreath makers this year and we wanted to try a broad assortment of sizes and configurations.  We are offering MANY lush wreaths between 30-48" in diameter.  We have a few all-juniper wreaths this year.  Since 1984, our 23" FAT mixed wreaths help support a non-profit horticultural training center for adults with varying developmental disabilities. We also have mixed garland, noble fir and juniper greens by the pound, mixed or all-cedar garland by the foot or the roll, green, variegated  and winterberry holly bunches and fresh mistletoe bunches and branches. 

    Inside the shop we have natural ornaments, gifts for gardeners, great wildflower & gardening books, loads of poinsettias, crates of paperwhite narcissus bulbs (some in bloom), amaryllis and pre-chilled "prepared" hyacinths, houseplants, wildflower seeds (toss them over a little snow), indoor gardening lights and kits and two great cats (hops ad barley) to say hello!  (OH!, AND we'll have sleds for sale as usual for the "no sledding" Truckee sledding hill across the street.)

    for more info check-out these two links from our references page:

    2013 Villager Real Christmas Prices.   Chosing Living Christmas Tree?

  • Truckee - Tahoe Christmas Trees 2012

    2012 Villager Nursery Christmas Offerings

    The Villager boys (all of us) go out for several days each November and harvest fresh, high elevation silvertip Christmas trees from snowy mountain tops (talk about a work-out).  With the incredible fall we enjoyed this year, we had to wait and wait and wait until it got cold enough to harvest (if we harvest before the deep cold, the trees don't hold-up in your home). 

    And, of course, as soon as it was cold enough to harvest we received enough snow to keep us out of much of the high country.  In spite of chains and slippery slopes and post-holing through snow atop brush, we managed to bring down a few good loads of nice Silvertip.  We also harvested some very full white fir from slightly lower.  We may yet get out to harvest a few more.

    We also brought down 150 BEAUTIFUL fresh Noble Fir from a great little grower, high in the Oregon coast range.  Troy (the grower) uses compost teas and organic fertilizers for superior trees. He actually measures for degrees Brix (°Bx: sugar content) of his fir needles and compares his to other growers. His have far more sugar and as a result, hold more water, last much longer and are more aromatic.   We have Noble Fir from 5-14'.  

    Troy harvests a portion of our Noble Fir with more natural form ("Open Grade"). These have the tiers of branches with space for ornaments (like Silvertip) but with twice as many branches, rich green color and the superior Noble Fir fragrance.

    While many tree lots sell through thousands of trees, Villager nursery usually sells 2-300.  We have 50 or so for folks that pre-order in September and October and we cut-to-order Silvertips up to 25ft. tall.  It is not to late to reserve a tree: call or e-mail to let us know what you'd like so we can tag it and keep it in the shade.

    We usually only sell a third of our trees before the 18th of December and the bulk between the 19-22nd:  4 busy days after weeks of taking care of them and shaking off the snow. The trees stay very fresh in our "refrigerated" climate.

    If you're interested in living trees we have hardy Colorado and Engelmann Spruce.  Our care instructions here and Spruce planting instructions here.

    As always we have a large selection of wreaths from 19in. to 6ft.  We have mixed and fresh cedar garland by the 75ft. roll or by the foot.  We have mistletoe, greens by the pound, swags, etc...  Sales of our super-full 23" mixed wreaths support a non-profit horticultural training center, providing training and employment opportunities to men and women with varying developmental disabilities.  We've been offering their wreaths since 1984.

    In the shop we have beautiful ornaments, candles, soaps, and a nice selection of subtle holiday accoutrements.

    We are still here.  The lights are still on. 

    Merry Christmas to anyone who might read this!  Thanks so much for keeping us alive.

    Eric Larusson

    Villager Nursery, Inc

    Truckee, CA

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