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  • The Holidays 2018

    Early December and it feels like Thanksgiving was a month ago. We were out on mountain ridges, cutting high elevation Silvertip Christmas trees the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and just before the first real snows of the season arrived Wednesday, Thursday & Friday. 

    We've had fresh-cut Christmas trees delivered from five growers and wreaths, garland and greens from three others. Fresh cut Christmas trees (See Christmas Tree Choices) are in short supply throughout the west and we are happy to get what we can.  So far everything has been fresh and lush and we are of-course keeping the trees frozen and shaded.  This year we have Noble for from Oregon and Washington, Fraser fir from B.C., Normann and Grand fir from Oregon, Red fir (Silvertip) from the high Sierra (two sources).

      Our sustainably harvested wild Silvertips are beautiful trees but only the second-best. Our commercial tree harvesting permits are all about the "leave trees".  We look for the healthiest, disease, parasite free, choice trees and then we thin the trees around them. This reduces competition for resources, eliminates fuels and leaves the forest healthier and safer than when we arrived. Our other Silvertip come from a forester on the ridges of the Sierra Valley who manages a couple of sections and allows the trees to "turnip" (a branch turns up) to form a new leader.  I LOVE helping folks with Christmas trees. We've cut back on our selection of 10-12' plantation trees because @ 300+ lbs, our aging bodies just can't take it. We do have Silvertips in every size up to 20'. 

  • Silvertip Christmas Trees in Truckee

    The Villager staff (all of us boys left here in late November) go out and harvests fresh, high elevation silvertip Christmas trees from snowy mountain tops.  This year we had to wait and wait until it got cold enough to harvest.  If you cut before severe cold, the trees do not hold up as well.  

    When the temps finally dropped, we had exactly 5 days to harvest before the monster storms of Thanksgiving 2010.  As a result we harvested fewer than usual but they were lovely trees.

    While the Boy Scouts and Optimists sell through thousands of trees, the Villager usually sells about 200.  We have 50 or so folks that pre-order and we cut-to-order for them then we bring in 100 HUGE fresh Noble Fir from a great little grower, high in the Oregon coast range.  Troy (the grower) actualy measures for degrees Brix (symbol °Bx: the sugar content) of his fir and compares his to other growers.  His have far more sugar and as a result, hold more water, last longer and smell better.   The 12' trees we received this year weighed nearly 280 lbs but they were spectacular.

    We ususlly sell a few trees before the 20th and the bulk between the 20-23rd.  3 busy days after uncovering these trees from snow for weeks.   We were actually running pretty low so I ran over to a friend's tree lot this morning (they have acres of land north of the Sierra Buttes) and picked up 30 trees.   

    At this point, we have about 20 nice silvertip Christmas Trees left.   530 587 0771   12/21/2010

    I've been so lame with the blog this fall, we were soo busy, Thank Goodness!.   Rob and Eric had an epic trip to the southern Sierra to collect wild birch seeds.   Eric went to Salt Lake City to tour retail nurseries and steal great ideas.  Eric had a 50th birthday surprise party! And we are still here.  The lights are still on.

    Merry Christmas to anyone who might read this!  Thanks so much for keeping us alive.

    Eric Larusson

    Villager Nursery, Inc

    Truckee, CA

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