Simple Mosquito Prevention

We are offering 1lb shakers of Mosquito Preventer (Bacillus thuringiensis ssp. israelensis, Bti) reg. 12.99 for 3.99 ea. in an effort to help reduce mosquito populations this spring before they get worse (they are already out and I have been bitten).  Bti is a naturally occurring soil bacteria that kills the larva of a very narrow group of insects (Mosquito, Black Flies, Midges and Fungus Gnats) and no others.  It often attacks and kills within 24 hours.  It is safe to apply to areas used by birds, pets or wildlife or that contain aquatic life, plants and fish.  

Read the label first!  For Use In: Bird baths; Statuary; Old tires; Flower pots; Water gardens (features); Ornamental fountains; Fountains; Rain barrels; Roof gutters; Drains; Pool covers; Unused spas; Other water holding receptacles; Containerized standing water; Plant trays; Planters; Hollow trees. Any location where water collects and remains for periods of time. Other areas where standing water accumulates.

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