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  • Christmas Trees in Truckee 2015

    The Boy Scouts sold-out on Friday, the Optimists on Saturday and Villager Nursery has no Noble Fir but a fair supply of 3-6' Silvertip and 3, 12-16' Silvertips left as well as a nice selection of hardy Blue Spruce for living Christmas Trees. (IF you'd like a different twist on your Christmas, purchase a living Blue Spruce and then donate it to the Truckee Cemetery (recent I-80 expansion put the obnoxious interstate on-top of much of the historical Truckee Cemetery and they can use all the screening planting they can muster.)

    Villager Nursery does still have a reasonable supply of several sizes of thick, lush, fragrant wreaths as well as bulk greens (sold by the pound) and a pile of FREE boughs we've trimmed while cutting trees.


    All day long while Eric spun trees and made fresh cuts, Rob ran from car to car tying fancy knots and securing precious cargo.


  • Christmas Trees In Truckee Tahoe

    Reports are that the Optimists Christmas Tree Lot and the Boy Scouts' Lot next to ACE are OUT of trees. This frequently happens in Truckee.  I'm told that Kings Beach and Tahoe Vista have been out for a week. Villager Nursery TRIES to have selections through the 22nd or 23rd but shortages and selection is why we encourage pre-orders of ANY of our tree types.  We can deliver and help set-up on Tuesdays and Thrusdays before Dec. 18th. (Our busiest days for Christmas Tree Sales are the 19-23rd so we're too busy IN the nursery to deliver during that time.)

    We STILL have a good supply or 4-7' Noble Fir and Silvertip and just a handful of larger silvertip and white-fir remaining.

    If you are considering a living tree, this hand-out had totals for care: Christmas_Tree_Choices_2013.pdf

    If you are interested in ordering a tree for next year, please e-mail us or call.  It is best to have ordered in by Halloween but we'll accept them now for Christmas 2016.


  • November 2015

    Whoa, What happened to November?  We all forgot, a little, about getting ready for winter.  Four good storms and a week of sub-zero or near zero temps here at the end reminded us. Christmas tree harvesting was quite a bit more challenging than it has been for the past 4 years. We chained-up all four when we headed up and had much more fun post-holing through the snow and underlying brush to get every silvertip... still kinda fun. Our lush, rich Noble fir were cut on the small coast range plantation northeast of Portland on Monday before Thanksgiving (in snow) and put on a truck Tuesday morning. Hurrying this way, the Truck was stopped by snow in the Cascades where it waited for the passes to clear and finally arrived here Friday afternoon in time for us to wrap and cover them in anticipation of the next 2 nights of -8°F.  They're certainly NOT drying-out... The Thanksgiving weekend was not our most stellar show but we are extremely grateful for all the folks who braved the cold and our disorganization and of course, we are grateful for the moisture and for the snow.  Happy Thanksgiving.

  • Holiday Newsletter

    Truckee Villager Nursery Holiday Newsletter (click here) with give-aways and a coupon plus links to holiday details (Christmas tree types, wreaths, garland, indoor bulbs, oraments & gifts etc...)

  • Happy Birthday Villager

    December 1, 1975 - December 1, 2013

    We have continued to grow and branch and flower and fruit and hedge and adapt in order to offer our clients an interesting, useful and beautiful selection of plant materials and products that insure your successes.  "We've killed thousands of plants, testing them in our own gardens, so our clients won't have to."

    Our Founder, Jeanette Harper and a partner finalized the purchase of the existing florist in the Gateway center 12/1/1975 and celebrated with Champagne in the office of the Gateway Motel with Roxie Arche and Azad McIver (Our current location is Azad's old home and dairy). 

    Eric showed-up in 1984 and Rob a couple of years after that.  Quite a few nurseries have come and gone in Truckee in 38 years. Some only lasted a season some for a decade or more.  We needed to move our nursery from Gateway to our current home in 1999. The reality is that Truckee is a ridiculous place to run a retail nursery. It seems that you have to be crazy. We also happen to be fanatical botanists and ecologists hell-bent on providing education and materials to local gardeners to show them that they CAN succeed in this harsh climate.

    We've thought that we could just offer the 20% of the plants that 80% of clients ask for and we'd be probably be profitable ... But what about the other 80% of really cool unique native and hardy plants that people SHOULD be using..? And what about that 20% of customers who LOVE natives or thrill at really cool, unique plants, bulbs and seeds from the far coldest corners and peaks around the globe?  It's more interesting the way we've been growing.  We are continually aware that we have YOU to thank for keeping us rooted in Truckee.  Thank You!

    Villager Nursery: helping mountain gardens thrive since 1975.  Experience you can trust / Information you can use.

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