Christmas Trees in Truckee 2015

The Boy Scouts sold-out on Friday, the Optimists on Saturday and Villager Nursery has no Noble Fir but a fair supply of 3-6' Silvertip and 3, 12-16' Silvertips left as well as a nice selection of hardy Blue Spruce for living Christmas Trees. (IF you'd like a different twist on your Christmas, purchase a living Blue Spruce and then donate it to the Truckee Cemetery (recent I-80 expansion put the obnoxious interstate on-top of much of the historical Truckee Cemetery and they can use all the screening planting they can muster.)

Villager Nursery does still have a reasonable supply of several sizes of thick, lush, fragrant wreaths as well as bulk greens (sold by the pound) and a pile of FREE boughs we've trimmed while cutting trees.


All day long while Eric spun trees and made fresh cuts, Rob ran from car to car tying fancy knots and securing precious cargo.